Transgender Inclusion in Retail

Whether It be an employee or a customer, your staff need to be aware of the rights of people who identify as transgender.

  • How would one of your stores deal with a member of staff disclosing that they plan to transition to their chosen gender?
  • How would your organisation deal with a member of the transgender community arriving for a job interview?
  • How would your stores deal with a transgender person wishing to try on an item of clothing?

If you can’t be sure that ALL staff would deal with any of these situations in the correct manner then we can assist.

With increasing acceptance, more and more people are identifying as transgender and expect (and rightly so) to be treated with respect and dignity, not to have special treatment but to be treated as any other member of the public without humiliation or discrimination.

Many employees openly admit that as they have not had much contact with a transgender person that they would not quite know how to handle the situation, very few intend to discriminate or offend but agree they may do so unintentionally.

We can help your staff get it right, ensuring that there are less complaints and more compliments for your company or organisation.

Our pioneering Transgender Inclusion Training is developed and delivered by a transwoman outreach worker with a whole heap of experience in retail shopping and the discrimination transgender people can face. She understands the struggles of going in to a store and being;

  • Looked at in a funny way when searching through women’s clothing
  • Spoken to by an uncomfortable member of staff
  • Being directed to the wrong changing room

Some transgender people will simply accept the poor treatment and personally refuse to shop in a particular store if they receive discrimination, others may be more vocal and pen a letter of complaint, neither are good for business or reputation.

We will give your staff insight it to what it means to be transgender, how to approach and deal with specific situations, how our own opinions affect our behaviour, how to avoid discrimination and how to avoid complaints.

They will also gain good understanding of how the Equality act 2010 impacts on their role within the company.

Don’t leave it to chance, book a training date and get it right first time.

Your trained store will receive a displayable certificate and window sticker to proudly announce that you are LGBTQ+ friendly